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Please Read: Application Process & Template
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Interested in Joining <Resolute>?

About Us
<Resolute> is a raiding guild where we want to find a balance between raiding and having enough time off for people to enjoy themselves in whatever they like to do besides raiding. Our main focus is to have a max level raiding force that maintains a raid schedule of farm and progression targets. We aim to have fun, but also put in the effort required to get the job done. We form a cohesive raid team that works toward gearing each other up and taking down new content.

We are looking for active raiders who are knowledgeable of the game, who at the same time are open to helpful advice and critique. This does not rule you out if you are new to EverQuest as long as you are open minded and willing to learn from instruction. Recruitment will never be closed for those who are dedicated, skilled and team-oriented. However, if you do not enjoy raiding, and/or cannot maintain a high level of play time during our official raid times, please do not apply.

In <Resolute>, we have a plethora of skilled players, both new and old, from across many servers and decades. It is our strong culture of teamwork and our core values that unify us and make us unique.  We believe in and act with integrity, execution and excellence. While in game, we expect our members to be responsible for exemplifying these values:
  • Integrity means doing the right thing even when the right thing is not popular. Be honest and respect those around you. DONíT BE A JERK.
  • Execution means following instructions, adapting to the situation and taking all necessary steps to win an encounter. Be perceptive to what is going on around you. Beating an encounter means we all win even if your character is dead or in the raid queue.
  • Excellence means knowing your class, the other classes and the encounter. Understand the capabilities and the limitations of your class.  Educate yourself and know your role.
Raid Schedule
  • Tuesdays - 8:30pm EST to 12am EST (Temporary, during progression or at Officer discretion to achieve guild milestones)*
  • Thursdays - 8:30pm EST to 12am EST*
  • Sundays - 6pm EST to 12am EST*
    *There will be some nights that end up going longer.
Guild Ranks
Our raid team is comprised of the following:
  • Raider is a guild member who is currently raiding with Resolute with at or above 70% 30-day raid attendance.
  • Member is a raid guild member who is currently raiding with Resolute with less than 70% 30-day raid attendance.
  • Applicant is an applicant currently in their 3-week application period (30-day raid attendance does not apply).
We also have a non-raiding rank:
  • Friends & Family is a member who:
    • Has a 0% 30-day raid attendance, and/or
    • Does not meet Application requirements
    • Has no intention of raiding.
*As classes open up for recruitment, a Friends & Family rank can reapply as an Applicant to become a Raider. 

Applying to Resolute
You can either apply to <Resolute> as an Applicant, or as Friends & Family (see above for definitions).

If you are applying as an Applicant:
  • Applicant Requirements are Level 100, 7000+ AAs (assigned), and keyed for all current content.  If your class is "CLOSED," we may still consider your application on a case by case basis.  Get in touch with one of our officers for more information).
  • Application Period is 3 weeks long, during which time your raid and group participation will be discussed by all full members.  Once your 3 week trial period has ended, it will be determined whether you are a good fit for <Resolute>.  Your 3 week trial period may also be extended for up to an additional 3 weeks or shortened for any period of time at officer discretion.
  • Applicant DKP Rules are Applicants earn DKP on all raids attended, but may only win an item if no Raiders or Members bid on that item.
If you are applying as Friends & Family:
  • Level Requirement is None.  However, you MUST be sponsored by a full member in guild and indicate who this member is on your application.
  • Application Period is None.  You will join the guild at the rank of Friends & Family.  As a Friends & Family member of the guild, you applied to spend time playing the game with your sponsored friend(s).  Note that this is a non-raiding rank.  If you meet the above raid requirements and are interested in becoming a raiding member, you must apply to the guild as an Applicant and you will be subject to the same application process.
  • Friends & Family (FnF) DKP Rules are Friends & Family do not earn DKP.  However, Friends & Family may be able to attend official raids pending room and at officer discretion.  During official raids, Friends & Family may only win an item on if no Raiders, Members, Applicants, or Alts/Boxes bid on that item (if that item is going to rot).  All weekly optional raids are open for Friends & Family to earn loot, which are hosted on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

    *Due to the nature of upcoming expansions we will be splitting most progression targets, so there will be room for FnF on official raids.

Application Template
If you would like to apply to <Resolute>, please copy/paste the below application template into a new thread with your character name, level and class in the Subject line.
NOTE: Your Forum/DKP name must match your in game name.  If you require your Forum/DKP name to be changed, please request so here.

Character Name:
Class Status (Open/Closed)*:
Number of AAs:
What is your EverQuest history?:
What other guilds were you in on Phinigel and why did you leave?:
What is your play schedule?:
Do you have your Epic 2.0 and/or other class-defining items?:
What current-content keys/flags do you have?:
Are you applying as an Applicant, or Friends & Family (if Friends & Family, please indicate your friend/family member sponsor in guild):
While in game do you agree to uphold the values of <Resolute>?:

*REQUIRED: Please visit our Class Needs thread and input whether your class is Open/Closed at the time of your application.

Please Contact Any Officer in-game for any Application Questions!
Officers: Aethelred, Aggronaut, Apothis, Elderlygray, Qalin, Ythera and Zanazerk.
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